Build Your Growth Dashboard

Download our simple spreadsheet, add information about your business, then see exactly how you should be investing your time and money to maximize growth. It’s never been easier to let data guide your strategic direction so you can certain you’re making the right decisions.

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Growth KPI Spreadsheet

Build your business growth dashboard and improve your growth trajectory in just 3 simple steps!
A conversion spreadsheet


Download a copy of our growth dashboard spreadsheet, so you can start tracking the ROI of your marketing and sales efforts. This way, you’ll be sure of what’s working, what’s not working, and what changes you should make.

Enter Information

Look at your marketing data (Google, Meta, VoIP, etc.), and fill in the cells so you can see where your leads are coming from. Then, look at your customer/sales data (CRM, Quickbooks, etc.), and fill in the cells so you can see the ROI on your marketing efforts.

Learn and Adjust

Examine the dashboard to see what marketing channels are providing the highest ROI and what isn’t working. Once you force yourself to interact with the numbers, you’ll be able to make confident strategic decisions and grow faster.